I am no economist; far from that, I am a teacher. This article is to bring your attention to something I feel strongly about. You have every freedom under and above the sun to disagree with my humble bird brain, yet I request you, if you are an Indian citizen, to read through this expression of frustration if not dismay.

I studied in government/ government aided schools till I cleared matriculation (in fact I just managed) owing to my financial background as it is the case with most other Indian students. Those who can afford depend on the private sector for quality education, and those who can’t …trust in God, and in the skilled expertise of the carefully, politically, religiously and financially selected ‘upper class’ government school teachers who send their own children to the unskilled unqualified private school teachers like me.

Having made use of every opportunity that the government provided me, I graduated, post graduated, obtained a B.Ed, an MEd etc. Of course I had to take breaks in between to facilitate my education. After all these struggle I have landed in a well paying private job (by well paying I don’t mean that huge, you can imagine what a normal private school teacher is paid in India, but it is decent) that requires me to pay 10% of my earning as tax back to the government. This is where I feel our tax law is not right.

Why is our tax law not right?

Because every government employee who gets the same pay has to pay the same tax as I do. That is fine, but look at the additional benefits they have.


Just take for example their eligibility for lifelong pension.  I am not against the government giving pension to their employees. My point is that no private employee gets this benefit, so for them it is important to save for their retired life when they are still useful to private firms, don’t they? If that is to happen the government should do away with one pay one tax policy, and allow private employees to save a bit more for their retired life.

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