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MANASA ANAND (Kennedy High the global school, Hyderabad)

The sun had sunken below the horizon hours ago, giving birth to a cold breeze in the process. The lanes were illuminated by the twilight and the street lights were on the thin line between life and death. He walked down the road steadily, unaware of a silent shadow looming over him with a dark smirk on his translucent face.

THUD. He fell down. The giant shadow behind him snickered with one of its foot put forward. He had tripped the innocent boy who knew nothing. This thought seemed to amuse the shadow greatly who now snorted. He quickly covered his mouth, trying to make sure he doesn’t let out anymore noise.

“Who’s there?” rang out the fallen boy’s voice. Like that was supposed to help. Nobody says ‘Oh it’s me. I’m the one pursuing you.’ The useless minds of useless people.

“Who’s there?” he repeated. Seconds passed by and his surroundings greeted him with silence. He finally seemed to give up, as he got up, dusted himself and continued walking forward. Suddenly, he felt a hand cover his mouth with a piece of cloth that made him unconscious.

“Welcome! Welcome to the hidden world Alex.” an old man’s voice called out that awoke his unconscious body. He slowly got up and drank in his surroundings. There was blue everywhere. Finally his eyes settled on the old man with half-moon glasses like Dumbledore from the Harry Potter series.

“Where am I?” his voice cracked. He was confused.

“Welcome to Port Sixteen.” he spread out his hands, showing him the grandeur of… endless blue? Alex still didn’t understand. He was even more confused.

“Port Sixteen?” he asked, his brows knitted with confusion and his face scrunched up.

“The land of eternal glory and immortality. Here you will learn the ways our ancestors had laid out for us.” he said and spread out his hands once again, like Alex was supposed to understand.

“I’m sorry. What?” Alex said, with a straight face, “You’re acting like we’re all from the same family with all that ancestors crap. I’m going now. See ya later.” he said and turned around, away from the mysterious old guy whose name he still didn’t know.

“Does the name Dave Christian ring a bell?” the old man gave one last try. He got the reaction he expected.
Alex’s face became white with horror. He stopped mid-step and turned around, unaware of tears streaming down his face.

“What did you do with him?” his voice poured out with pure venom inside them and his eyes shooting the old man daggers.

“All in good time, son.” he spit out the last word. Darkness swallowed him yet again…