“Senior coordinator would like to meet you,” Said the office boy as I was coming out of the staff room.

“ I have a lesson now. I will meet him right after the class.” I walked toward my class not waiting for a reply.

That was the system in my school. Nothing had ever been more important than a class.

A few moments later… I was in the  class writing the’ lesson objective’ on the board when I heard a knock at the door. The door opened and a colleague came in with an astounding smile on her beautiful face. I looked at her interrogatingly.

“ The Senior coordinator would like to meet you… it seems there is something important.”


What could be more important than the most important thing in my school? My thoughts travelled far and wide as I moved toward his office. Any news from home? Anyone ill or anything?

I heard him say “come on in Mr. Thomas” even before I knocked at the door. I walked in and sat down looking at him suspiciously. He seemed to be struggling with some sort of of throught infection or speaking disorder…

A few seconds passed in silence and then came the first blow…

“Mr. Thomas, did you speak to the parents of Master. Varun the other day?” he asked.

“Yes Sir. I did!” I muttered till struggling to guess where the whole stuff is leading to.

“ Did you tell them that their Son, Varun is a below average Boy?”

Now that was the final blow. I was shattered. Never have I said it of any child ever since I have started teaching about a decade ago.

“ No Sir. I never said that”, he expected that response from me.

The ordeal continued from him to the vice- principal to the principal, and finally to the director. And ended with a ‘memo’. Many people were not even willing to listen to my side of the story. I tried telling them that the boy was not in my class, and that I only tried to help him in my free time, and that I spent quite a lot of time trying to motivate him.

Thinking of it now, I fail to understand why his parents were that adamant…they were hell  bent on their stand. I may not be the only teacher who had to go through such tough times… I can only say ‘it happens and we need to learn to handle such situations ourselves, for it is seldom that you find another person to believe you let alone your school authorities. There is no point keeping grudges in our minds about such parents that will only help doing injustice to the particular student in future.

I taught him for a few more years after the incident and today he is a good friend of mine now.

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