Becoming a Journalist

Journalism today is far different from what it used to be a decade ago. There are a number of job opportunities for journalists, starting from newspaper reporting to television anchoring. These days journalists specialise themselves for print or electronic media. Whatever you decide to specialise in you need to horn your technical skills from the very beginning.

Journalism is one of the pillars of a successful democracy. Those who aspire to be journalists should have a passion for truth, a sense of inquisitiveness, and the willingness to dedicate themselves to their cause. If you would like to be a journalist when you grow up, inculcate the habit of writing at least when you are in high school.

To be a successful journalist you need to obtain a degree in journalism or communications. A post graduate degree in journalism will be an added advantage while job hunting.

Here are some of the job opportunities for journalists. For a more detailed list please have a look at Opportunities in Journalism Careers by Donald L. Ferguson and Jim Patten.

Most Indian universities offer courses in journalism and mass communication. There are plenty of seats available. Some universities will ask you to appear for an entrance test. Someof the popular institutes are:


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