Becoming a Teacher

Thank you for taking interest to know more about becoming a teacher. Teaching is of course the only profession that is the true mother of all other professions. The responsibility of a teacher cannot be undermined not only in the life of individuals, but also in the process of nation building.

The curse of our day and age is that thousands of people look at teaching just as another profession. They work hard to clear qualifying examinations, but stop working the day they get a well paying government job. Teaching is a profession that requires you to sacrifice quite a lot. It requires a lot of patience and dedication. One trait about successful teachers is that they love what they do.

Today teaching has become a very well paying and respectable job in the private sector as well. Here is the list of teacher training courses offered in India:

  1.  Nursery Teachers Training: You are eligible for this course after a grade 12 pass. A NTT certificate qualifies you to teach up to five year old children.
  2. Primary Teachers Training: You are eligible for this course after a grade 12 pass. A PTT certificate qualifies you to teach up to fifth grade.
  3. Bachelor in Education: You are eligible for this course after graduating in any subject with a minimum of 50% marks. A BE.d certificate qualifies you to teach upto grade 12. B.Ed is a two year course now. You can also opt for a certificate in Education through a combined degree programme.
  4. Masters in Education: You require  a B.Ed with at lease 55% to do a Masters in Education. If you wish to work in a Teacher Education College, you need to do an ME.d. These days many people opt it to enhance their prospects as school teachers or to land up in administrative roles in educational institutions.
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