Chapter 1



What is the funniest joke I have ever told you?’ I asked my wife on our way back from school one fine day (don’t be too quick to judge, we both are teachers).

‘That you will become a writer’, came the prompt reply.

‘What if I become a writer?’ I wasn’t willing to take it.

‘May be; unrealistic dreams have ruined many lives’. She said coldly.

‘I am not going to be one of them’. I tried to make myself convincing.

‘What will you write about?’ The discussion soon became serious.

‘Teenagers,’ I said. Teenagers, in all parts of the world, have this belief that one day they would become something in their lives.I would let them know how true their claim is.

That discussion never ended, at least as far as I am concerned. You will find the reason in the following pages.

To start with, answer this simple question:

What do you want to become?

So you have answered this question that keeps intriguing you time and again. Congratulations. Most students at your age find themselves in a quagmire if asked to answer this question from the core of their hearts. Now that you have answered it; whatever it may be: a doctor, engineer, scientist, entrepreneur, teacher, professor, anything under the sun. Let me tell you with a lot of conviction that YOU ARE NOT GOING TO BECOME whatever you aspire to become. You will not find yourself an IAS, IPS, doctor, engineer etc. one fine day. It is a misunderstanding to believe that you are going to become anything.

Wait. Do not throw away this book. The fact is, however hard you may try to negate it, YOU ARE BECOMINGYes, you are becoming a doctor, an engineer, IAS, IPS or what not? That is to say,everyday of your life either you are taking a step closer to your dream or a step away from your dream. There is no midway; you cannot be stagnant on this road to success. Try to be still and dreaming, and the crowd trying to run past you will crush you; be dreaming and moving forward and the crowd of ambitious people will push you ahead.

Once when Picasso, the world renowned painter, was in a restaurant, a beautiful young lady approached and asked if he could draw her portrait on a napkin in one minute.

‘In one minute?’ Picasso confirmed.

‘Yes, in one minute. They say you are the greatest painter in the world, prove yourself.’

Picasso understood that the lady was provoking him. He asked her to be seated. Took out a napkin and made a portrait of the lady in 30 seconds. The lady could not believe her eyes. The painting looked like a photograph of hers, so perfect. She went to him with her wallet and asked, ‘how much?’

‘One million,’ said Picasso.

‘One million!’ The lady was shocked. ‘But you worked for just thirty seconds, how can you demand so much?’

Picasso smiled and said, ‘Madam, I did it in thirty seconds… but you need to know that I spent the last thirty years of my life learning to do it.’

That is what I am trying to say. Picasso had been becoming a painter for thirty years, and so are we…becoming whatever we are going to become, everyday of our life.

Where do I want to reach (my ambition)?


Where am I now (in my process of becoming)?

(Sample Response: I am far from realising my dream/ I know I am doing my best and am inching closer to my dream each passing day. I have _ years more to work towards reaching my goal. I should rearrange my steps to reach my destination in _years/I must just keep moving at this pace for the next_years. )


How do I plan to get there? (My Road map for success)


“The best way to predict the future is to create it.”

Dr. Forrest C.Shaklee



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