(This is an extract from my book: You Are Becoming- a non-negotiable manual for aspiring teens)
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TEACHER: Why don’t you be the anchor for the annual day this year?

STUDENT 1: Me? My god! I have never been an anchor. I can’t. I will be laughed at. My English is not good. Excuse me sir/madam.

STUDENT 2: Me? Thank God! I have never been an anchor, but this is an opportunity, let me give it a try. I think I can do it. After all what is the big deal even if I make a few mistakes? I will learn from them. Thank you Sir/Mam.

What would be your response?

If you are like student 1, then you are playing it safe. If you are like student 2, then you will definitely find a world of opportunities waiting for you outside your school gate.

Now think of this.

Why on earth do we have a school out there in the first place?

I mean, what is the purpose of this establishment called ‘schoooooool’?

Yep, you know the answer, only too well. A school is a miniature society. It is the place where you equip yourself with the weapons and tools required to face the world tomorrow, boldly and confidently.

How long will you go on evading consequences of your laziness? One more day? One more week? A month more? An year more? Don’t believe me, but the fact is you are going to fall flat on your face the day you are out of your school if you go on playing it safe in that comfort zone – School.

What should you do now?

That’s it.

Do not hesitate to ask for help. At least that’s what Jesus said:

‘Seek and thou shall find’.

Come on, what is wrong in it? Look at the number of advisers the Prime Minister of our country has. Is it because he is not intelligent enough to make decision?

Absolutely not.

Nobody knows about your strengths as much as you do. You think you can sing? Go ahead and give it a try in the solo singing competition this time. You think you are a good debater? Make it your turn this time. You love Physics? Come get to work on a project that will surprise even your teacher. You like writing? Take a pen, a piece of paper and just do it. A school is full of opportunities for those who see them. Let me repeat the last bit of it: ‘for those who see them’.

If you really want to be a cool guy or a cool gal, get out of your comfort zone and chase every opportunity that come your way as if that is the only opportunity you have and put your heart and soul into it.

You think they will laugh at you?

Yes. They will. Or else the world will, when you are out of the school.

You feel they will back bite you?

Of course. They will. Or else the world will, when you are out of the school.

You feel nobody believes in your ability?

You may be right. But if you remain confined in your self-created prison, nobody ever will.

The best way to start it all is with a nice, confident smile.

Smile and just be cooooool…………

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