WORKSHOP FOR TEENAGERS: BECOME WHAT YOU ARE BORN TO BECOME [Enhancing Learning & Leadership for teens]


6-10 minutes:                  Icebreakers

45-60 minutes:                The magic of becoming

(Talk): What prevents teens from becoming their dream

  person/resilience/Five Ds of becoming and much more.


3-4minutes:                      Fun time


20-30 minutes:               Choose not to lose

(Activity):  Leadership/confidence building activities


25-30minutes:                Being cool at School

(Talk):  Confidence building/making the maximum out of school life/

creating a personal vision statement.


45-60 minutes:              Understanding and conquering sexuality


3-4minutes:                    Fun time


45-60minutes:                Beguiling ways to make learning fun

(Instructor lead discussion)/ Ways you would love

 to learn/ Research based learning techniques…


3-4 minutes:                  Let us reinstate

/ Final Discussion on You Are Becoming/Conclusion