Hospitality Industry

In our country a job in the Hospitality industry is fast gaining acceptance and reputation. There are several job opportunities in this field. One of the many advantages of this field is that you are never going to find it too difficult to find a job. These days we find young girls joining colleges/institutes of hotel management in large numbers.

 Ability to speak multiple languages would be an added advantage, especially if you are looking for front office placements. You need to horn your communication skills and people skills to excel in this field. Your employer would expect you to show respect to their costumers not not just be obsequious.

Talented people in this field are highly paid both in India and abroad.

You can join a diploma course after grade 10 0r grade 12. Digree courses are mostly available only after grade 12.

Check out:  for more information on hospitality industry.

A List of the well known institutes of hotel management in India are given below:

1. Oberoi Centre of Learning and Development,Delhi.

2.  Institute of Hotel Management (IHM),

Mumbai, Delhi, Aurangabad, Bangalore, Chennai, kolkata

To get acomprehensive list of the colleges of hotel management, you could visit:


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