No. No more of beating around the bush. Here is the question: Are you sure what your students are going to become? “I’m no astrologer, but a teacher.” Is this your answer? Or something like this one: “Oh! Yea, I’m pretty sure of the abilities of my students. I have a fair understanding of where […]


This article is in continuation to the one titled, ‘Sex and the book’ that was published a few days before. The other day I received a message from a colleague asking me to suggest ways and means to impart sexuality education effectively. The letter threw light on the sorry state of affairs on her part […]


Back in 2008 I was working in a private school in Aburoad (Rajasthan) when something really shocking happened: A few pages of the science textbook of a student were missing. “What happened to those pages?”, I asked. “Sir asked us to tear those pages”, “All of you! But why?”, I was concerned. “Yes, because that […]


Working in a school where students are allowed to use smart phones and tablets, I realized that it is best to accept my ignorance early on. What led to this positive change was a bitter, humiliating correction by a student of grade X. I was enthusiastic about teaching (not much about whether students were learning) […]

Religiosity Vs Patriotism: Are Educators of any help?

This is not an attempt to answer the question,’Does religious intolerance exist in India?’ rather I would like to dwell on a more pertinent and perennial question, ‘Can Educators contribute to creating an atmosphere of peaceful coexistence in any country let alone India?’ And the answer would be something like: ‘what? educators? who else can […]

Review: Khushwantanama

Just completed ‘Khushwantnama, The Lessons of My Life’ by Khushwant Singh. Haven’t read anything like this for quite some time. This book, written in the 98th years of the author is a treasure for every Indian. The writer is fearless, outspoken, and challenging. This book is more of a “Looking back into the Future“. The […]

Hospitality Industry

In our country a job in the Hospitality industry is fast gaining acceptance and reputation. There are several job opportunities in this field. One of the many advantages of this field is that you are never going to find it too difficult to find a job. These days we find young girls joining colleges/institutes of […]

Joining NDA

One of the best ways to serve our nation is by joining the NDA. If you really have a burning desire to join the army, navy or the Air force, you should consider NDA seriously. It is rewarding as well as challenging. To join National Defence Academy a candidate must appear in the entrance exam […]

Becoming a Journalist

Journalism today is far different from what it used to be a decade ago. There are a number of job opportunities for journalists, starting from newspaper reporting to television anchoring. These days journalists specialise themselves for print or electronic media. Whatever you decide to specialise in you need to horn your technical skills from the […]

Becoming a doctor/Medical Practitioner

Becoming a doctor seems to be one of the most sought after ambitions of many teenagers today. There is no doubt it gives you good money and reputation in the society. It involves a lot of hard work and dedication. If you are just after money and reputation, it is better for you (and the […]