Becoming an Actor

The money and fame we associate with successful actors should not be the motivating force for you to choose acting as a career. It is one of the toughest fields to survive, especially in India. And those who do survive do so on account of their dedication and commitment. Acting is more of a talent […]


Hello friend, It’s a pleasure to have you here. This website is in the making. I hope to make it a very useful place for all aspiring teenagers to hang out.It might take some time for me to do that. I am kind of a newbie when it comes to website building and designing. But […]

Hello world!

I do not see a better way to greet my viewers than with this universal prayer. This prayer is dear to me for a number of reasons. Most importantly, I believe that every human being is born to be an instrument of peace. If not what is the purpose of life: “Lord, make me an […]