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Aakash asked 1 year ago

I think I spend too much time on Facebook. What should I do?

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Profile photo of jinsjins Staff answered 1 year ago

Look, ‘facebooking‘ is not a bad idea. The trouble begins when we give up other important assignments for the sake of Facebook. Are you actually addicted to FB? Do you keep checking for updates? Even while attending a class do you think of your FB status or the number of likes you get? Do you feel kind of empty without FB? If your answer to these questions are ‘yes’, you are in for real trouble.
You could start by spending quality time doing other activities. Do not keep your mobile phone/ tablet/laptop within your reach while you are studying. When you feel like getting up to check for updates, force yourself to do something else. keep reminding yourself that spending too much time on FB is actually non productive for you.Think of your priorities when when you are tempted to jump into FB.
I agree with those teens who argue that Facebook can also be used as a learning tool, but mostly when it is not in use.
Hope it helps.