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M.Prasad asked 1 year ago

How do I resist falling in love at this age?

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Profile photo of jinsjins Staff answered 1 year ago

Here is an exercise that might help you. Close your eyes and visualize your inner self leaving your physical body and taking a comfortable position a few meters away. Now look at yourself from this position and ask this question:
Where do you want to be in the next ten years?
Open your eyes only when you have a definite answer. Now give yourself some time and think how falling in love is going to help you reach your goal. More often than not, it will only hamper your journey to excellence. Many teenagers today have this belief that if they are not in love they are not good enough. They are too credulous and believe whatever their friends say. And friends are often fighting the same battle. You do not have to be in love to be happy, and focused. Identify your priorities; never give in to limiting beliefs.