Review: Khushwantanama

Just completed ‘Khushwantnama, The Lessons of My Life’ by Khushwant Singh. Haven’t read anything like this for quite some time. This book, written in the 98th years of the author is a treasure for every Indian. The writer is fearless, outspoken, and challenging.

This book is more of a “Looking back into the Future“. The author deals with a lot of thought provoking topics that are as varied as the occupants of the planet,and do not try to relate them. He does not hide his true self as is his characteristic. ¬†What I found of particular use is the list of books by Indian authors given on page 89. They are books to be read, cherished and learn from.

Let me not tell you everything about the book right now. find a copy a read it. It will leave you a more thoughtful person for sure.

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