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SHREYA GUDA (Kennedy High the global school, Hyderabad)

Strolling down the muddy streets, I could see the sun bidding its last goodbye’s as it disappeared behind the horizon, leaving just little light on the planet.

CRACK. I stopped dead in the tracks, as my neck slowly turned down to see what I stepped on. Heavy beads of sweat trickled down my forehead, while the moonlight barely let me see. My eyes darted to my brown boots, until I saw it. I didn’t dare say a word. Carefully, I bent down, sitting on my toes and knees so I could run away if there was any peril. As soon as I placed my innocent hands on it, a weird shock ran through me. There was a slight crack on the top but no real damage had been made. The transparent glass ball with snowy flakes falling gracefully filled my hand. And then, something touched my shoulder. I jumped up, terrified that someone came to rob this precious item from me.

“Shreya, it’s me, Riya. Are you okay? I thought you were hurt so I came to help you out!” said Riya in an utterly soft voice.

“Oh yes! I’m fine. Thank you,” I smiled back.


I looked up at Riya. Her lips didn’t move an inch. Who said that? And then a horrible thought fell upon me. This ball lets me read people’s minds! Is Riya really this evil? Did she never think of me as a friend? Was she really acting just so she could use me? Perhaps these are questions which won’t be answered anytime soon, I thought, and before she could utter another word, I turned away from her and bolted towards a direction which led to who knows what.
My head began spinning. Does this happen to everyone or is it just me? I started freaking out. All of a sudden, another voice interrupted my thoughts, but this time, it was a deep, hoarse one – NO ONE’S AROUND. I THINK THIS MIGHT BE THE BEST TIME TO STEAL ALL THE JEWELERY FROM THE SHOP.

My heart sank. My stomach churned. When I turned, I could spot a tall, muscular man dressed in black from head to toe, sparing only his eyes. His left hand held a large bag, and in his right was a gun. A chill went up my spine, and my breathing rate became twenty times faster. I hid behind the nearest tree and pulled out my phone. I knew I could get into trouble if the burglar found out but I called ‘100’ anyways.

Within no time, I could hear the loud siren of the police car. The burglar was startled but didn’t know what to do and just stay put, so it was easy for the police to get hold of him. Once the nasty burglar was shoved into the van, the police came up and thanked me. I was delighted that I did a good deed tonight, all thanks to the glass sphere. However, I knew that keeping it would only ruin my thoughts, so with difficulty I made up my mind, broke the glass, and tossed it into the open sewage so nobody could misuse it. A grin was plastered across my face as I merrily walked back home.