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(During a workshop for teachers at a prestigious school near Pune, Maharashtra.)

We are pleased to announce commencement of an affordable, convenient and multi-purpose workshop designed for futuristic schools. As the head of the institution you are well aware of the difficulties you face in keeping the teachers and students motivated and taking your school to a different horizon. Here is our tried and tested workshops that have helped many schools raise the bar in an unimaginably short span of time.

As of now we offer a number of workshops: one aimed at teenagers which we call, “YRB workshop for teenagers: enhancing Larning & Leadership for teens.” another for teachers which we call, “You Are Becoming workshop for teachers (yrb),Becoming the Teacher that Children Love”; Our workshop for Young Adults is another very popular workshop. It is aimed at students in B.B.A/ M.B.A, engineering or other undergraduate and post graduate programmes.

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group activity during workshop.



(With the principal and participants of a workshop for teachers of a leading school at Thane, Mumbai)




  1. I only have to say that your workshop was very useful. period. And one more thing, I feel you lied when you said you never learnt computer, but by yourself,and that you are running this website. This looks too professional for one to manage without any help. Well…

  2. This was a really wonderful workshop. Thank you for spending your time at our school and for providing such valuable information. One thing I noted about your workshop was that you have done sufficient background research on most of what you were saying. All the best.

  3. Your workshop was amazing. It kind of made me a more confident, and purposeful teacher. Now I think of the seriousness of my job each time I go into the class.

  4. Hi everyone,
    This workshop is really great. It motivated me so much that I see the world from a different perspective now.

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